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Janice Gunn's Positive Puppy Training

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Janice Gunn's Positive Puppy Training
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Janice Gunn's Positive Puppy Training

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This  1 hour and 50 minute instructional DVD features Janice training her new puppy Remi from 7 weeks to 16 weeks old. Follow Janice as she instills her new puppy, with the joy of learning that will give him a head start on his obedience career. This DVD shows actual first time training sessions for numerous foundation skills; watch how Janice shapes Remi for success.  This training DVD has valuable instruction for early foundation training to help your puppy or  novice dog get off on the right paw.

Janice’s training methods feature both clicker and verbal marking techniques to shape behaviours in a completely motivational manner. Learn how to develop attention, shape recalls, start heeling, targeting, platform, go-outs and even the dumbbell hold, retrieve, and more! You can start to build relationship, trust and motivation from the moment you bring your puppy home.   Extensive title menu for easy navigation.

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