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RedLine K9 7515 Bite Suit Sleeve - Choice Of 4 Colors

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Bite Suit Sleeves 7515
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RedLine K9 Bite Suit Sleeves 7515

Our puppy bite suit sleeve has a wide padded surface that encourages puppies to open their mouths and take a full bite, but is also gentle on developing mouths and teeth. The size and shape of this sleeve is perfect for starting puppies and teaching them proper targeting.

Very light and durable, this forearm length bite suit sleeve has a handle on the inside that gives you great control of the sleeve, a nylon tab to attach a line to and a handle on the outside for tugging. This puppy sleeve is great for starting puppies in schutzhund, ring sport or Police K9 work.

*Colors may vary depending on current dye lot of suit material.

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