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RedLine K9 Fenix young dog Sleeve

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Fenix young dog Sleeve
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RedLine K9 Fenix Young Dog Sleeve

The all New Fenix young dog sleeve is a designed as a multi-purpose starter or grip building sleeve. The Fenix can be worn as a sleeve, inside is an adjustable strap, allowing you to adjust the sleeve to fit your arm, the adjustment on the Fenix young dog sleeve is a Velcro adjustment. The 2 handles along with the strap on the inside lets you use it as a 2 or 3 handle bite wedge for targeting purposes. We recommend the Fenix young dog sleeve for 9 - 13 month old dogs, but could be used with an older dog to improve bite quality or close bit targeting.

The Fenix Young Dog Sleeve is available in Jute or Bite Suit material.

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