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RedLine K9 Magnet Tug Toy - Tug Toy only

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Magnet Tug Toy - Tug Toy only
Part Number: 402100001
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Please read the important safety information lower on this page before ordering.
Imagine not having to hold the Tug or stuff it in your pocket. The hands free Magnet ball reward system allows you to put the Tug anywhere on your body and grab it to present a quick reward.

The Magnet Tug Toy

Here's how it works:

Choose a location for the Magnet Tug Toy, your left shoulder for example. Place one of the encased magnets under your clothing at that location and the other encased magnet in the same location on the outside of your clothing.

The encased magnet marks the location for your Ball. Take your magnet tug and simply place it over the encased magnet on the outside of your clothing.

Now you can begin training and just reach up and grab the Ball to present a quick reward without the delay or hassle of having to pull it out of your pocket!

The ability to instantly present the reward ensures perfect timing when marking good behavior.

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