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RedLine K9 Plastic Dog Muzzle - Clear

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Plastic Dog Muzzle - Clear
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RedLine K9 Plastic Dog Muzzle - Clear

RL3 & CLH3 Malinois
RL4 & CLH4 Shepherd (normal)
RL5 & CLH5 Mastiff or Great Dane

RL3 - Clear Muzzle (3.5" length x 12" girth)
RLH3 - Clear Muzzle With Head Strap (3.5" length x 12" girth)
RL4 - Clear Muzzle (4.5" length x 14" girth)
RLH4 - Clear Muzzle with Head Strap (4.5" length x 14" girth)
RLH5 - Clear Muzzle (5" Length x 15" Girth)

RedLine K9 Plastic Dog Muzzle are Designed to be worn for extended periods without inhibiting the dogs breathing, barking, panting or stress responses. Also designed so dogs can drink with the muzzle on, using a water bowl or bucket.
*Optional head strap available on RL3H and RL4H models.

Plastic Dog Muzzle Standard Features:
- Made from durable Polyethylene
- Reinforced rubber straps
- Double cap rivets
- Padded nose protector
- Weighs only 6.5oz
- Variable sizes for proper fit

Uses for the Muzzle
- Ideal for police and protection training
- Some transportation companies require dogs to be properly muzzled
- Helps with training of aggressive or problem dogs
- Prevents wound licking
- Prevents some injuries from dog fights and conflicts during breeding
- Prevents eating rocks, garbage, poison, etc.

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