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RedLine K9 Wire Basket Muzzle

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RedLine K9 Wire Basket Muzzle
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RedLine K9 Wire Basket Muzzle

Especially recommended for the breeds Types: German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Doberman, Schnauzer and other breeds with similar structure of the head.
Strong metal, chrome plated with a protective coating against corrosion and damage. The strap are made of natural leather. High quality thick felt.
The efficacy and safety for both the dog and the decoy:
·         The special design of the metal cage designed so a dog may strike hard and feel the least amount of impact.
·         The metal parts, felt and leather near the throat area effectively protect this sensitive part of the dog's body during training and in real action.
·         Thick felt at the same time it protects, cushions and absorbs most of the force acting on the dog during the attack, effectively reducing their pain, so the dog will be happy to repeat the exercise. Felt also covers the lateral parts of the muzzle against abrasions.

Muzzle Circumference

1) 9.25 – 10.25 Inches

2) 10.5 – 11.5 Inches

3) 11.75 – 12.75 Inches

4) 13 – 14 Inches

The rest of the dimensions are regulated by straps: side and neck circumference.

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