All Weather Biothane Harness | Prodogz
All Weather Biothane Harness | Prodogz

All Weather Biothane Harness | Prodogz

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All Weather Biothane Harness | Prodogz
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All Weather Biothane Harness

Made from ultra durable 520 Biothane®, and finished with stainless steel hardware, this harness is truly an all-purpose hardness. Biothane is completely waterproof and the removable breast plate is backed with Neoporene making this harness ideal for water sports and wet climates. Available in your favorite colors, match your Biothane harness to your favorite Biothane leash.

We only use 277 Heavy Duty Commercial thread and Stainless Steel hardware to finish each harness.  No rivets are used as punching a hole through Biothane weakens the core substantially.

Girth Measurements

Small - 20" - 25"
Medium - 25" - 30"
Large - 30" - 35"

Care and Cleaning

Biothane® is waterproof. Should your harness become dirty, clean with soapy water and hang to dry.

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