Bite Suit Technique Roll -  | Prodogz
Bite Suit Technique Roll - | Prodogz

Bite Suit Technique Roll - | Prodogz

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Bite Suit Technique Roll - | Prodogz
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Bite Suit Technique Roll

The Bite Suit Technique roll is perfect for teaching young dogs, the roll teaches the dog to open wide. Made from our high quality bite suit material this roll is firm when it is brand new but softens up in a few sessions. Once softer the young dogs get a great experience of a full strong bite. The design of the roll allows dogs to get a full bite even when it is on the ground and because it sits up high dog don't bottom out in the ground when they strike it.
The Roll is used by many trainers to teach many different exercises when it is not necessary to have a helper involved when a young dog is learning.

Length - Approx 10.5" Long
Diameter - Approx 16.5"

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