Bite Suit Tug Toys (3" x 10") 1 Handle Bundle of 8 - French Linen Bite Tug - Durable Bite Tugs | Prodogz

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Bundle of 8 Bite Suit Tug Toys (3" x 10") 1 Handle
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Prodogz 6 Piece Dog Protection Bundle

You Get:
  • 1 Intermediate Jute Bite Bar Sleeve Right Hand
  • 1 Puppy Jute Sleeve Right Hand
  • 1 - 3 Handle Jute Bite Pillow
  • 1 Soft Puppy Jute Sleeve
  • 1 Leather Cover Whip with Rope Lash
  • 1 Padded Trial Soft Stick
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The Redline K-9 Intermediate Protection Sleeve is a combination of a plastic top and jute bottom with a built in soft bite bar! This is the perfect sleeve for the transition from puppy sleeves to the "big" sleeves. The bottom is made of jute material padded with jute felt and lined with jute material. It has a leather covered handle and the end is closed to protect your hand.

Redline K-9 Schutzhund (IGP) puppy protection sleeve has an upper arm cuff to protect you and the bottom is replaceable. The inside of the sleeve is padded and there is no bite bar. It is perfect for dogs that are ready to move on from the leather bite rag or linen puppy sleeve. This is the softest bite sleeve we offer. It builds confidence and a firm grip

  • A package for all Protection Dog Sport Handlers
  • All Made with Prodogz 's High Quality Materials
  • Great savings
  • Everything you will need to start your young dog in dog training

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