Bottcher Tracking Harness | Prodogz
Bottcher Tracking Harness | Prodogz

Bottcher Tracking Harness | Prodogz

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Bottcher Tracking Harness | Prodogz
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 Bottcher Tracking Harness

Our Bottcher tracking Harness is made of black leather, riveted. Hooks to fasten to the collar and for the belly strap. Belly strap generously adjustable. Moving ring to fasten the tracking leash. The Bottcher Tracking Harness is very adjustable so one size fits all.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to a Nylon or Leather dog harness. We stock a wide selection for both Schutzhund (IGP & IPO) and Police K9 tracking dog and protection dog work, padded or unpadded Dog Harnesses , all are made with expert European craftsmanship. The Patrol, Multi Purpose and Protection and tracking Dog Harness all have a convenient handle on the back to help hold your dog in working situations.

Bottcher Tracking Harness

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