Bundle of Tugs Bundle (French Linen) | Prodogz
Bundle of Tugs Bundle (French Linen) | Prodogz

Bundle of Tugs Bundle (French Linen) | Prodogz

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Bundle of Tugs Bundle (French Linen) | Prodogz
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Bundle of Tugs

You Get:
  •     1 - 3 Handle French Linen Gusset Dog Tug Toy (15.5" X 9.75")
  •     2 - 3 Handle Thin Send Out Toys - Bite Suit Material (11" X 7")
  •     2 - Iska Tug (.5" X 4.75")
  •     2 - Bite Suit Tug Toy 24" Long
This bundle of tug toys has everything you need to work on teaching correct bite work with your young dog. all the toys also make great toys for helping with the teaching of the send out. Tugs are not chew toys, they are interactive training aids. Tug toys are excellent for a rewarding game of tug. Do not allow your dog to chew on the tug or keep the tug after the interaction has finished.
  •     Can all be used with young dogs to teach full grips
  •     Made with High Quality French Linen
  •     Handles to grab on for tugging with your dog
  •     Perfect for young dogs and puppies
  •     Schutzhund, IGP and Ring Sport Favorite

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