Collapsible Flirt Pole | Prodogz
Collapsible Flirt Pole | Prodogz

Collapsible Flirt Pole | Prodogz

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The Robit Flirt Pole | Prodogz
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Collapsible Flirt Pole

Collapsible Flirt Pole is made from a flexible fiberglass pole joined in the middle with a threaded metal fastener so it can be collapsed for easy storage and transport. The entire length of this flirt pole is sheathed in a strong braided tubing and continues an additional 58" from the end of the pole with a loop sewn in the end to attach your puppy's favorite toy. Finished with a comfortable rubber handle for superb grip.  Fantastic for building prey drive in young dogs and strong enough to hold up and be used time and time again.


Assembled Length: 38"
Collapsed Length: 19"
Toy Attachment Length: 58"
Weight: 7 Ounces

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