Extreme Bungee Shock absorbers   | Prodogz
Extreme Bungee Shock absorbers | Prodogz

Extreme Bungee Shock absorbers | Prodogz

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Extreme Bungee Shock absorber | Prodogz
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Extreme Bungee Shock absorber  - Webbing Color may Vary

Extreme K9 Bungee Shock Absorber designed for professional dog trainers who train and protection by training. Our shock absorbers are made with the highest quality bungee and nylon webbing. We use high-quality naps and rings to ensure years of professional dog training with your sport or police dog.

The Extreme Bungee Shock absorber has 2 bungees inside the webbing which makes it a much stiffer and takes a much harder effort on your dogs part to spring into the bite, helps to create fast hard bites in protection work. You can also use our Standard Bungee Shock absorber for a lighter bungee shock absorber, the standard bungee shock absorber is not intended for back tying or post work. The Extreme Bungee Shock absorber is 18" in length and will stretch to approximately 28"
Click here to see our Standard Bungee Shock Absorber
Extreme Bungee Shock absorber - Webbing Color may Vary

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