Muttluks K-9 Boots | Prodogz
Muttluks K-9 Boots | Prodogz

Muttluks K-9 Boots | Prodogz

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Muttluks K-9 Boots | Prodogz
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Muttluks K-9 Boots

Muttluks K-9 Boots have a Self-tightening hook and loop straps allow for easy, secure, and quick fastening and ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

3M Scotchlite™ reflective-material providing safety and nighttime visibility.

Leather bottoms and leather toe protection (on sizes M to XXL) made from treated water and salt resistant leather.

Reusable packaging with a cloth mesh, drawstring bag that can be used to store Muttluks K-9 Boots or, for other general storage.

Muttluks K-9 Boots

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