NEW RedLine K9 IPO Obedience Dumbbells

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IPO Obedience Dumbbells
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RedLine K9 IPO Obedience Dumbbell

Bells are coated in NON toxic Paraffin Wax to help keep your dumbbell from cracking during the change of the seasons.
  • 0950 IPO1 Wood Dumbbell .65kg 
  • 0951 IPO2 Wood Dumbbell 1KG 
  • 0952 IPO3 Wood Dumbbell 2KG 
  • Set of IPO Dumbbells 
RedLine K9 Schutzhund Obedience Dumbbells are made only with the best hardwood available,

Also see our covered IPO Dumbbell, the covered Schutzhund dumbbells are a great way to promote retrieving in young dogs. Our Schutzhund dumbbell with handles is very popular as well.

Schutzhund Obedience Dumbbell

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