Patrol Dog Harness Coyote Brown | Prodogz
Patrol Dog Harness Coyote Brown | Prodogz

Patrol Dog Harness Coyote Brown | Prodogz

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Patrol Dog Harness Coyote Brown | Prodogz
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Patrol Dog Harness Coyote Brown

This Patrol Dog Harness in Coyote Brown is a great quality made nylon dog harness used by police and military dog trainers along with sport dog trainers for both tracking and protection dog training. You will not be disappointed by this coyote Brown patrol dog harness.

Highly adjustable with sizes that will fit a small malinois, to a large bloodhound and everything in between. Machine washable

Patrol Dog Harness can Accommodate 2 of our 6" reflective or non-reflective badges. Click to view our K9 ID Badges

  •     25301SM Small Fits most breeds from 18 - 50Lbs
  •     25301AM Medium German Shepherd and Malinois up to 55LB
  •     25301AL Large German Shepherd, Mal and Rottie up to 100 LBS

This is a great lightweight Nylon Patrol Dog harness for the dog that can work all day. Only one button to use for quick on and off. Side Velcro panels for your Police K9 Department patch. Machine washable.

Girth Measurements:

  •     Girth S 23"-28"
  •     Girth M 29"-33"
  •     Girth L 32"-40"

How To Measure Your Dog
Find your dog's girth, which is the widest point of your dog's chest and rib cage area. Harness size measurements are based on girth, which can vary according to breed. Some dogs, like Boxers, are more deep-chested than others. It is important to accurately measure your dog's girth for the best size possible.

1) Stand over your dog and place one end of the tape measure on his spine, just above the widest part of his rib cage.

2) With your other hand, wrap the tape measure behind his front legs and around his body, going underneath the widest part of his rib cage. Place this end next to the beginning of the tape. Put your thumb on the number that meets up with the beginning of the tape measure. The higher number is the girth measurement.

3) Order the proper harness size based on your dog's girth measurement. If your dog's measurement falls between two different sizes, order the larger size if want to allow room to grow.

Patrol Dog Harness

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