Pet Emergency First Aid Working Dogs DVD | Prodogz
Pet Emergency First Aid Working Dogs DVD | Prodogz

Pet Emergency First Aid Working Dogs DVD | Prodogz

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Pet Emergency First Aid Working Dogs DVD | Prodogz
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Pet Emergency First Aid: Working Dogs

This program is a must for all dog handlers and pet owners. The very latest veterinary medical information including dogs cardiac procedures such as pacemakers, preventive treatment for bloat/ torsion, and first aid treatment are included. The Working Dog program is ideal educational DVD for pet first aid classes, schools, libraries, and makes an ideal public relations tool for law enforcement and search and rescue groups.
Length: 103 Minutes

36 Chapters Include:

    ·         High Tech Veterinary Treatment
    ·         First Aid Kit, Standard Precautions
    ·         What is Normal for My Dog
    ·         Scene Safety
    ·         Muzzle
    ·         C-A-B's
    ·         Rescue Breathing
    ·         CPR (latest AHA standards)
    ·         Choking
    ·         Drowning
    ·         Mechanism of Injury
    ·         Spinal Injuries
    ·         Fractures
    ·         Wounds
    ·         Evisceration
    ·         Gunshot Wounds
    ·         Penetrating Chest Wounds
    ·         Embedded Objects
    ·         Shock
    ·         Car Accidents
    ·         Poisoning (latest information from ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center)
    ·         Snakebites
    ·         Spider Bites
    ·         Insect Stings
    ·         Hypothermia / Frostbite
    ·         Burns
    ·         Chemical Burns
    ·         Dehydration
    ·         Heat Stroke
    ·         Bloat/ Torsion
    ·         Electric Shock
    ·         Eye Injuries
    ·         Foot Injuries
    ·         Ears
    ·         Heart Problems and Seizures

Bonus Section contains:
Introduction to Working Dogs, Tribute to Working Dogs and Happy Dogs. Program features working dogs from small Beagles to large German Shepherds guarding borders, searching for lost people, working with law enforcement, guarding homes and businesses and searching for explosives.

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Pet Emergency First Aid: Working Dogs

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