RedLine K9 Mini Schutzhund Blinds

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Mini Schutzhund Blinds
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NEW! The best mini schutzhund blinds on the market!

Our heavy duty RedLine K9 mini schutzhund blinds are highly portable and fabricated from high stress aluminum with heavy duty 19oz PVC vinyl covers. The sturdy aluminum poles have a solid aluminum spikes and large anchoring steps attached to each pole to push the feet securely into the ground.

These are professional mini blinds. They are approximately 4 feet tall, extremely weather resistant and durable. Perfect for practicing the schutzhund blind search exercise.

Available in green, red or yellow.

1 Mini Blind - $90.00
2 Mini Blinds - $175.00
3 Mini Blinds - $260.00
4 Mini Blinds - $345.00
5 Mini Blinds - $430.00
6 Mini Blinds - $515.00

*Shipping is included in the price of the blinds, for continental USA and Canada (excluding Alaska, NWT and the Yukon).
**Rates outside of these areas will be calculated on a per order basis.

The best mini schutzhund blinds on the market!

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