Redline K9 Half Sleeve With Handle - Adjustable Firmness

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Redline K9 Half Sleeve With Handle - Adjustable Firmness

We truly believe this ambidextrous half sleeve to be the pinnacle design in terms of form and functionality. Sturdy construction, ease of use, variety of applications and a replaceable jute cover make this sleeve a multi functional tool that will quickly become one of your favorites. Removable, replaceable inserts allow you to adjust the firmness of the bite bar to accommodate young dogs through mature adults and everything in between.

This forearm length sleeve is super for teaching bite techniques. The back of the sleeve is open with a handle to hold onto when your arm is not in the sleeve. A catching handle has been included externally on the end of the sleeve to facilitate catching dogs similar to a targeting wedge. The sleeve can be used on either the left or right arm.

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