Soft Premium Leather Leash | Prodogz
Soft Premium Leather Leash | Prodogz

Soft Premium Leather Leash | Prodogz

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Soft Premium Leather Leash | Prodogz
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Soft Premium Leather Leash

Brown Only.
This is our Premium Leather leash, our Premium leather is so soft, from the first day it feels broke in. This is the ultimate in working dog leashes, tanned from heavy leather this leash is not only soft but also very strong. Our Premium is the choice for handlers who simply want the best Leather dog leash out there. Handmade by Amish craftsmen from the highest quality leather available.

Incredibly soft and supple leather that feels great in your hands from the minute you pick it up. They are braided at the ends for added beauty and strength and come with heavy duty bronze hardware. Without a doubt, they will quickly become your favorite leather leash.

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