Tactical Insertion Sling / Rappel Harness | Prodogz
Tactical Insertion Sling / Rappel Harness | Prodogz

Tactical Insertion Sling / Rappel Harness | Prodogz

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Tactical Insertion Sling / Rappel Harness | Prodogz
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Tactical Insertion Sling

This is our tactical insertion sling for repelling dogs into hard-to-reach locations. This harness is made to meet the demands of special forces along with SWAT K9 dogs. These insertion repelling harnesses works great for search and rescue dog training and not just police and military dog training.

Sizing: Large - for dogs from 65 lbs to 85lbs

The Redline K-9 Tactical Insertion Sling Harness was designed to meet the demands of Special Forces, U.S. Military, Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue.

It features heavy duty nylon construction with quick release, high strength buckles that allow easy on/off in only seconds. When in use, the multiple heavy duty brass o-rings support and distribute your dog's weight accordingly. Nylon straps secure the dog inside the harness, while nylon webbing cradles and encases the dog for maximum security.

The harness is ergonomically designed for comfort and flexibility crucial in rapid ascending/descending maneuvers. Lightweight, safe and extremely durable, this is premier harness for K-9 insertion and extraction operations.

Tactical Insertion Sling

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